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yeah, been hanging out. kinda snuck into my pain killers for my surgery this thursday, they haven't kicked in just yet but they need to soon. i'll be pretty fucked up. all smiles huh? well i feel ya, i wish i could feel you, but no. instead i'll just stay here by myself for all of 3 months and 23 days left of my childhood. god knows what i'll do here soon. as much as i would like to just quit this whole living under someone else's roof thing and leave when i graduate and start my life over with amber, in the back of my head i still wish i could go in the navy. i mean what kind of life am i going to be living if i can't afford to live on my own, and go to college, and pay for a car and all that shit. the navy is my only option unless i stay here for community college ( which is bullshit but at least im still getting my car here this summer, and i'll be driving to palm coast like everyday) ... hey....

holy shit i kinda forgot about that whole tid-bit of info.....
im getting my car this summer.... it's only an hour drive from here...
my dad used to make a longer commute to work like everyday.... that's kinda badass!!! fuck yeah, that seems really shitty but right now that's best news i've heard. so even if i don't make it to the navy, that just gives me more time to spend with my "missing-peices" !, i mean, we'd still live apart but like on weekends i could stay at my parents house and i'd be 18 so they wouldn't tell me what to do, plus i could be around my baby the entire weekend.

baby! this is good stuff, i've been kinda depressed lately and just thinking about this makes me 150 times happier.
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