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cat like thief she stole air from my lungs

i did all of this on purpouse because im selfish and i dont care about any even in the slightest bit. yes amber, i totally just threw you down and kicked you. i did that on purpouse just to hurt you and make you feel like shit because that's exactly the type of person i am. i lead you on and waited until i was completely convinced you were in love with me then BAM!! out the door i go... this is the way i want things to be, exactly. no more amber, no more friends, no more parties, no more drama, no more palm coast, no more fpc.
and the best part is you can't even READ sarcasm. ahahahahahh

hooo... well then, now that that's been said.
lets forget this all move on.... (box car racer)

holy shit this cd is so old school but it's fucking awesome.
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