starving_myself (starving_myself) wrote,

this poison's my intoxication.

from the way that you acted to the way that I felt it. It wasn't worth my time.
And now it's sad cause all I missed wasn't that good to begin with and now I've started you begging, saying things that you don't mean. It isn't worth my time. A line's a dime a million times and I'm about to see all of them. GOODBYE to you. You're taking up my time
you call my name when I wake up just to see things go your way. I'm coughing up my time. Each drag's a drop of blood a grain. A minute of my life. It's all I've got just to stay down, why the fuck am I still down?
I'm hoarding all thats mine. Each time I let just one slip by. I'm wasting what is mine.
I'm about to see a million things
I thought I'd never see before
And I'm
I'm about to do all of the things i dreamed of
And i dont even miss you at all.Goodbye to you
Goodbye to you
you're taking up my time

i suppose now all i can do is look around me and realize that everything i'd worked for and gotten into trouble beacuse of, was all in vein. useless. but when nothing i do would help, it's better when those words came from your mouth. wasted time. too long. good times. wait a second.... yeah, wasted time? im not like them, they're like me. i've got it better here, everythings better here, without you it's still better. not the fact that your gone but the fact is im gone and all you can do is miss me. do i miss you? of course but the ties were cut, you dropped the bombs. i just ran from them. ran from my own. fled the fields. escaped from opression, away from depression. you were just my mask and now you've got your own. think about 5 years from now when all is better for me and you'll still be working. struggle for what you can but i'll never struggle again. never fight for anything. never think twice of you. never thought twice to begin with. find yourself, when you do... i'll have been there and left. your too late. or maybe i was early.
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