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sarah-the-cunt-fruhwacht tried to get me into trouble AGAIN! this bitch actually read one of my journals to mr.sawyer at school. fuck her. you hear me sarah? fuck you. when he asked me i told him right to his face that i DID say that stuff and he didn't even care. it's good to know you still read my journal you nosy bitch. i hope you die, i hope your family dies, i hope your fucking dog dies, i hope you have children and they die too. i hope all your friends get cancer and rot from the inside out. you'll regret all this shit soon bitch i do have a plan. you need to learn to keep your fucking mouth shut. but hey tell people whatever you want, they cant do shit to me you don't even know where i am BITCH!!!!!

hey, guess what? i moved last night to my aunts house. it was kinda funny, when i got home ruth had already packed all of my shit for me. i guess she was ready for me to leave, huh? fuck her. the last day of school for me sucked because amber is suspended and i couldn't even see her except for like once when she came in for a parent teacher conference. no more palm coast bullshit for me. no more tobias' house. guillermo better bring my guitar to school when i come back for finals. i miss candICE already... i know i was supposed to call you back last night but when you called i had just got here like 3 seconds before, and my aunt had to take some online test or something and she didn't get done until really really late and i wasn't going to ask to make a phone call then, especially a long distance call you know?? i love you. gtg peace.
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